Thread: combining array indicies to form a new type

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    combining array indicies to form a new type

    hey all,

    I have a byte array with 16 indicies. Is there a way that I can create a new type from combining 2 of the indicies of the array together (which will create a WORD). The word only needs to be a pointer to the array.

    So if i have

    Byte byteA[16];
    Word word = // byteA[4] + byteA[7];

    So the variable "word" will have the higher byte stored in byteA[4] and the lower byte in byteA[7].

    I hope I have explained this clearly enough


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    in windows.h there is a macro MAKEWORD that does what you want. In case you're not on windows it's defined:

     #define MAKEWORD(a, b)      ((WORD)(((BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(a) & 0xff)) | ((WORD)((BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(b) & 0xff))) << 8))
    note that it takes the low byte as the first parameter

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