Thread: How do I rename files through C++?

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    How do I rename files through C++?

    What I am really trying to do is rename a large group of files with #'s, e.g. 001.doc, 002.doc, etc.. please help, newbie.

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    there is no function that i know of, but you can do it with a system call - as for renaming it with a number - use a variable that you increment and then use that as the filename (use a pointer to it)

    if you have an uncertain number of ilfes to rename you can use a while loop
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    #include <stdio.h>
    int rename( const char *oldfname, const char *newfname );

    The function rename() changes the name of the file oldfname to newfname. The return value of rename() is zero upon success, non-zero on error.

    Hope that helps

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    Open the file, read it into the new as if you were reading the lines into strings in your program, then delete the old one.

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