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    Help on functions

    Any can give me the code for this programme? i tried hard and i just dont understand the function usage but i definately understand the problem of this program.

    Write a program which accepts an integer from the keyboard and
    prints out the corresponding number of the character "*". For
    example, if the integer 5 is entered, five "*" will be printed out
    by making a call to a function printstars().
    Program outline:

    CPP / C++  Code:
    int num; 
    cout << “Enter a number : “; 
    cin >> num; 
    and also anyone know any good site that gives good and clear explanation on Function(Basic) to above. i just cant understand the Fuction chapter in my book.

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    For this program, read the first 4 tutorials on the website that hosts these forums. Here
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    a suggestion would be to attempt the problem first
    then we can give you some pointers

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