Thread: Visual C++ 2005 Express.

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    Visual C++ 2005 Express.

    I have encountered a stupid thing in my copy of VC++ 2k5 Express.
    The } char does not work in the IDE and all other chars like @, { and ] works just fine.
    Does anyone know what to do about this?
    Sorry about the CODE tags, the forum didn't allow me to post those chars without it.

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    Any example?
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    hmmm never had that before. show the code.

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    int main()
         return 0;
    // can't put the "}" here in the IDE
    This is the problem, the IDE refuese to accept that input. I can never end my code blocks because it does not accept that character.

    EDIT: By the way, I use swedish keyboard layout and to get that char I press ctrl + alt + 0. I don't know if this matters but now you know.
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    You don't type the right curly brace with ctrl+alt+0. You use the "Alt Gr" key + whatever key the symbol is at. Usually the 0 key for non-english keyboards.

    I've checked the swedish keyboard on the net. Try "Alt Gr" + 0. The "Alt Gr" key is found immediately to the right of the space bar
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