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    Visual C++ Books

    I'm relatively new to C/C++, though I've been programming in a variety of other languages for a couple of years now and I learn rather quickly.

    Can anyone recommend a good Visual C++ book for me?
    Should I even bother with Visual C++ yet?

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    Programming windows by charles petzold for win32 api

    programming windows with mfc by jeff prosise for mfc programming.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I've been reading "C Primer Plus" by The Waite Group and it's great. They have a book for C++ (my schools C++ class uses it as the text). Around $35 I believe.


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    i use the c++ how to program book 3rd edition

    by: deitel and deitel!!

    if you know of any others that are better than this book let me know the more i know the better....
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    You shouldn't bother with Visual C unless you already know the C/C++ langauge (IEC/ISO definition). Not only that, but since you have VC++6.0, when you upgrade to VS.NET you will likely want to use the .NET Framework Class Library. If you have Win2k OS and VS.NET Beta 2 than it would be worthwhile to work through the SDK. There is not much literature out there yet but understanding the .NET architecture takes some time.

    As far as straight C++ books are concerned go for:
    C++ Primer 3rd edition by Lippman and Lajoie
    C++ Primer Answer book by Tondo and Leung
    The C++ Programming Language by Bjorne Stroustrup (He created the C++ language)
    The C++ Standard Library A Tutorial And Reference by Josuttus
    If you have trouble with these (all comprehensive) texts than work on a C textbook. Ther eare hundreds of them, for example the previously mentioned 'C Primer Plus'.
    I compile code with:
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