Thread: simple template friend question

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    simple template friend question

    Here is the top of my class

    template < class T >
    class TODLLNode
      friend class TODLList;
    Whenever I try to intialize anything in a test function I get the error

    todllnode.templ:16: error: template argument required for 'struct TODLList'

    What am I doing wrong?

    If it helps...

    My private variables are as follows:

    T data_;
    TODLLNode < T > * fore_;
    TODLLNode < T > * back_;

    Here is a simple initializing of a variable to get this error in my test function

    TODLLNode < int > a;
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    Why not post the smallest and simplest piece of code that demonstrates the error?
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    Unless I miss my guess TODLList is a template and you'll want to make
    friend class TODLList;
    friend class TODLList<T>;

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