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    Question timers??

    im very new to c++ and have a question. im not sure how difficult it will be to answer but here it goes... im trying to basically set a timer that, after a certaing amount of time, let's say 15 minutes, it will execute a command. ive heard that i should use something like SetTimer () but am a little bit confused. What should i use and how should i use it?
    im new

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    /* you may try way*/

    int main()

    int time=15; /*minutes*/


    if(condition_4_termination) break;



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    this may be easier.......

    something like this.........
    //then your code here
    //where x is the number of milliseconds to "sleep"
    //also be sure to capitalize sleep or it won't work i think :)
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    Another solution is to look at the time() function (you can see it in the functions section with a link from the home page). I'm not sure if it returns the system time, or if it actually times something. Look it up, if it returns the time, you can do this loop:

    // get system time again
    while(system_time1 - system_time2 != 15)

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