Thread: Read data from my .txt?

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    Read data from my .txt?

    I wanna make a program that can easily read data from my document!

    If I have a .txt with these values

    ABC 1 2 3
    DEF 4 5 6
    GHI 7 8 9
    I want to use it as a database...

    But how do I make a function that reads data from a specific line and pulls out the numbers behind and gives them all names like

    Name = "DEF";
    Value1 = 4;
    Value2 = 5;
    Value3 = 6;

    The thign I need is that that I can type in, I want the data from line 10 and then the program takes the data and puts in into my variables

    I want to use fstream btw... Iam just not very good at streams atm...
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    struct CEntry
      std::string Name;
      int Value1;
      int Value2;
      int Value3;
    std::vector<CEntry> EntryList;
    std::ifstream File("MyData.txt");
      CEntry Entry;
      File >> Entry.Name >> Entry.Value1 >> Entry.Value2 >> Entry.Value3;
    } its simplest form. May need some tweaking/error testing though.

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    So you are storing the data in a vector? Which I can then take the data from?

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    > while(!File.eof())
    Ahem - eof in a control loop FAQ ?
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