Thread: Simple Gets() problem

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    Take all user input as a string. If you need to convert to a number, attempt to convert to a number.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
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    Well it sounds like you (also) need to flush the input buffer, especially if you're looping the menu. You can use the ignore function from my previous post for that. For parts where you really need sentences, we covered that in great detail.

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    here's how I use fgets:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    char *strget (char *str, int size, FILE *ip)
    	char *pointer;
    	int clear;
    	char *ret;
    	ret = fgets (str, size, ip);
    	if ((pointer = strchr(str, '\n')) != NULL)	/*if newline is present*/
    		*pointer = '\0';			/*change it to \0*/
    	/*otherwise there is at least one character in the buffer, so flush it*/
    	else while ((clear = getchar ()) != '\n' && (clear != EOF));
    	return ret; /*return fgets's return value just in case*/
    The above code was written for C, hence the headers and stuff.
    What it does is uses fgets to read in a string, removes the
    newline if necessary and flushes the buffer if necessary -
    everyone should have a function like this IMO. You can use it in
    main just like fgets as normal, but it cleans up after itself. Then
    do as Dave_Sinkula and citizen have said.
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    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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