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    cutting a string

    I have two questions:

    So I have a char

    I want to cut this char into 3 parts, into the ip, the port 80 and the path with the file name path1/path2/pathn/test.exe.

    I have a char with a path c:\test\temp\test.txt and I want only the path c:\test\temp

    Thanks for help.
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    If it were C, I'd say (1) sscanf, (2) strrchr. They'll both be available in C++, of course, but someone will now come along and mention something else.
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    1. If you used strings, like you should, you would have an easier time since you have a bunch of find functions and a substr function.

    2. Again, use strings, and for this particular problem, use find_last_of()

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