Thread: whats the easiest langauge...

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    whats the easiest langauge...

    Is C easier to learn than C++? and is C++ alot easier to learn when you know C?

    just wonderng.

    im currently learning C++ but would u recomend starting to learn c aswell or just stick to C++?

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    I'd say stick to C++. My opinion is biased as hell but stick with C++. C++ makes things much easier than C and it removes some garbage (like having to put 'struct' each time you declare a struct of whatever type) and adds the STL and other great features that aren't part of the C language.

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    >>Is C easier to learn than C++?

    Yes, because C is not as complicated as C++. But ... c++ has to many more advantages that it is worth learning. You should learn one or the other, but learn them both.

    >>is C++ alot easier to learn when you know C?
    Maybe. If you know nothing about any programming language then c++ may be easier to learn if you have already learned C but there are some things about C that don't work in C++. You really should view C and C++ as two completly different languages, rather than trying to view c++ as an extension of C.
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    If you want to learn C++, learn C++.
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    ok thanks for the replies people! ill just stick to C++ then.

    was just curious thats all.

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    Some people say there are advantages in using C for some purposes, and others for using C++ in other situations ... I don't know what they are, but if you know how to use C++, I think you should have a pretty good idea of how C works, the basics of it I mean. I guess the converse applies too though.
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    C is easier, but thats because it's used for much different things -
    the main use for C is in the embedded systems market -
    programming micro-controllers that run your washing machine,
    where it is a higher level alternative to chip specific assembly.

    C is less that half the size of C++ in terms of features IMO. C++
    is also easier to learn knowing some C, but that doesn't mean
    you should do it that way. Learning C++ first and then learning C
    can lead to writing "better" C code, but there are pros and cons
    for learning either first.
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