Thread: Redefinition of variables.

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    Redefinition of variables.


    This might be simple to answer, but please bear with me. My image processing program needs to use various types ie short, long, float. I get a pointer (*pMod) to a pixel which is used to modify the pixel values.

    hr = SafeArrayPtrOfIndex(pData, ij, (void **)&pMod);
    if (FAILED(hr)) AfxMessageBox("nope");
    (*pMod) = dVal;
    However the pointer clearly needs to be of the same type as the Safearray, therefore I want to CHANGE THE VARIABLE TYPE, KEEPING THE POINTER NAME CONSTANT for use with different image types. I've tried using unions, but unless mistaken I cannot change the type without using a switch. IS there any other way?

    Thanks for your attention.


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    you need the switch statement to find out what data type is contained in the VARIANT object, assuming the SAFEARRAY is an array of type VT_VARIANT. If it can contain a variety of data types, the the switch is necessary -- if you know it will always be one data type then the switch is probably not necessary

    If all you want to do is get an element out of the array, you can use other functions, such as SafeArrayGetElenment()

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