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    C++ Builder

    Im not sure if im posting this at the rigth place so please bare with me.

    I recently got a copy of borland c++ builder version 5 and was wondering if it is still any good and what limitations it might have.

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    I've never used it, but it looks like you can get version 5.5 for free...and version 6 is the latest. It says 5.5 was released in late 2000, so I doubt it's too bad. If you're just starting out, I wouldn't worry too much about what it can and can't the basic level, most C/C++ compilers are pretty much the same with few differences.

    If you want something more recent, you might want to try downloading Visual C++ Express. It's free, and it comes with an IDE (I think borland's compiler only comes with a command line compiler). You can download it from here: . I believe you can also get a free copy of the standard version if you watch some videos about ASP.Net or's the url for that:

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    Borland's Builder was the industry standard IDE for C++ development, before MS released visuall C++ 1.0. the latest version is now an addon to Delphi, rather than a separate tool set.

    Borland has recently announced they will be slowing down all non java tool work and focussing all their efforts on their JBuilder tools.

    The differences between Builder 5 and 6 are minimal, if you have the full ide for both. the command line compiler is free from borland, and is their c++ compiler v 5.5.

    The limitations of the version are really in the ide, rather than the version of it. The only reason to use a newer version is for bugfix and security updates that weren't made available for the older versions.
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