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    console application...

    hi im new and i was just wondering what console application is used for, and is it the same coding for a windows application also is it possible to make a game with dev c++ compiler?

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    Console applications under windows are typically used for utillity programs such as the command line version of winrar but all kinds of things can be done in a console.

    Creating a windows GUI program isn't the same as creating a console program. You should start with console programming and then mov on to windows GUI programming later.

    You can create a game in dev-cpp.

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    to make games you need to learn opengl right?

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    Not necessarily openGL, you just need to learn how to build a GUI. There are many libraries for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReLiEnThAwK
    to make games you need to learn opengl right?
    How do you think programmers wrote games before GUI?

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