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    Get yourself a book and read read read. I reccommend Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo. It won't teach you how to make games, but It'll get you started with a good base and understanding of C++.

    find it here .

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    Um, guys/gals...If he's unwilling to read a FAQ or use google, I doubt he's gonna read a book.

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    You're probably right, but since he brought up games...
    I've been using the visual studio form designer with c++ to test some character creation stuff, as well as character advancement and class abilities (I've got a summoner class which is rocking right now).
    Still working on making dungeons and moving around and stuff...

    I tried using direct X.
    Way over my poo wil head.
    I made a triangle and a neat little 24 sided shape using it.

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