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    noob question

    Am I allowed to do:

    char *buffer = new char[128];
    sprintf(buffer, "some text here..");
    unsigned int textlen = strlen(buffer);
    recv(socket, buffer + textlen, 128 - textlen , 0);
    and I get in buffer "some text here..<received buffer here>" ?

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    why do you post this in the C++ forum? It's C code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ideswa
    why do you post this in the C++ forum? It's C code.
    Well if he posted on the C board, he'd probably be told to post on the C++ board...

    The new keyword has no place in C.

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    > It's C code.
    It's a horrid mix of both - check the new call.

    > and I get in buffer "some text here..<received buffer here>" ?
    Yes, so long as you solve all the other problems of
    - checking the return result
    - not allowing space to store a \0 to make it once again a C-string
    - not allowing for fragmented messages
    + some other stuff as well
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