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    cut problem


    OK I have the following problem:

    char *Servaddress;
    char	ip[256];
    char	user[256];
    char	password[256];
    int	port;
    int	temp = 0;
    temp = sscanf(Servaddress,"ftp://%s:%s@%s:%d",&user,&password,&ip,&port);
    But the result is not what I have expected. I read that %s will read subsequent characters until a whitespace is found. But I need sth which read until the character I want is find, e.g. : or @.

    Any ideas?

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    Use a scanset. And supply a width for the strings.
       temp = sscanf(Servaddress,"ftp://%255[^:]:%255[^@]@%255[^:]:%d",
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    Works perfect. Thank you.

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