Thread: Why don't the tutorials on this site work on my computer?

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    Why don't the tutorials on this site work on my computer?

    I'm fairly confident that the problem is with my compiler, not the tutorials. These tutorials line up with other things I've seen before, which means they're obviously accurate.

    Why don't the tutorials on this site work on my computer? In the tutorials section of the site, under "Intro to C++", there is a program that the author wrote that tells cout to say, "Hey you i'm alive oh and hello world," and causes main() to return the value of 1. It was recommended by the author to try this out on my computer, so I did, using Microsoft Visual C++ .net 2003. It did not work. Even doing similar variants to it, it would not work. I also wrote the program with the int variable thisisanumber, and that would not work.

    My compiler keeps on coming back with this message:

    unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive.

    Believe me, I am doing everything the author says. I've even tried my own programs according to what he/she wrote was acceptable, and my compiler came back with the same message, not compiling what I wrote. Why?

    I think it has something to do with the selection for precompiled headers I'm using, but even writing stereotypical C programs using other headers doesn't seem to work right.
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    this is a problem with your compiler, not the tutorial.

    before you freak out, visual 2003 is a perfectly good compiler (in fact it's one of the best), but by default it uses precompiled header files, which you don't need at the moment.

    right click on your project file and go to properties->C/C++->precompiled headers and select "Not using precompiled headers"
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    In the future, when you create a project, create a Win32 Console Application, and when the new project wizard appears click on the second tab and check the Empty Project checkbox.

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    thanks, I thought it was my compiler

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