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    Q-Learning C program help

    I have written a Q-learning program in C using a hash function and a Q-table. I now need to include a Q-value in addition to the state action and rewrd states that I have already got. Does anyone know how to do this? Any help would be much apreciated.

    header file

     struct qtnode{
     int state;
     int action;
     int reward;
     int result;
     typedef struct qtnode** qtable;
    qtable new_qtable(void);
    void add(qtable qt,int s,int a,int r, int s2);
    void printqtable(qtable qt);
    qtnode * resultQuery(qtable qt,int cs,int a,int r);

    cpp file

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "qtable.h"
    const int QTABLE_SIZE =31;
    const long MAX_STATEVAL=1000000;
    qtable new_qtable(void){
         qtable qt= (qtable)malloc(sizeof(qtnode*)*QTABLE_SIZE);
         for( int i =0;i<QTABLE_SIZE;i++)
         qt[i]= NULL;
         return qt;
     int hash(int state,int action)
    long key = action*MAX_STATEVAL+state;
    printf( "Key %ld\n",key);
    int index= key%QTABLE_SIZE;
     printf("state  %d Action %d \n",state,action);
     printf("Index %d\n",index);
     return index;
    void add(qtable qt,int s,int a,int r, int s2)
    	struct qtnode* n = (qtnode*)malloc(sizeof(qtnode));
      int i=hash(s,a);
      while (qt[i]!=NULL)
    qt[i] = n;
     void printqtable(qtable qt)
     	for( int i =0;i<QTABLE_SIZE;i++)
     		if (qt[i]!= NULL)
     			printf ("State %d\n",qt[i]->state);
     			printf ("Action %d\n",qt[i]->action);
     			printf ("Reward %d\n",qt[i]->reward);
     			printf ("Result %d\n\n",qt[i]->result);
     qtnode* resultQuery(qtable qt,int cs,int a,int r
      int i=hash(cs,a);
      	while (!(qt[i]->action==a
       && qt[i]->state==cs)
       i= i++%QTABLE_SIZE;
       	return qt[i];

    source file

    #include "qtable.h"
    #include <stdio.h>
    int currentstate(int cs, qtable qt,int r){
    for (int i=0;i<4;i++)
    {int a =i*6;
    qtnode * resultQuery(qtable qt,int cs,int a);
    	if (r !=NULL)
    int main(){
    int i;
    int cs;
    int as;
    int rs;
    int r;
    qtable qt= new_qtable();
       printf("Please Enter A Current State");
      scanf ("%d",&cs);
     while(i!=0)   {
       printf("current state %d\n",cs);
       currentstate (cs,qt,r);
      printf("Please Enter An Action");
      scanf ("%d",&as);
      printf("Please Enter A Resulting State");
      scanf ("%d",&rs);
      printf("Please Enter A Reward");
      scanf ("%d",&r);
      printf("Do you want to enter another state value?");
    }   }
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    I have written a Q-learning program in C using a hash function and a Q-table.
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