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    counting loop

    i am trying to write a loop that counts how many times the number 3 appears in a one-dimensional array called array.

    int count = 0;
    for (int x = 0; x < Array.length; x++)
    	if (Array[x] == 3)
    is this correct?

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    Looks ok to me.
    Why not try the code instead of coming here to see if it is ok. It is ok to test code

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    No. ....Maybe. It depends on what Array really is, I can't tell from what you posted. If your array is actually a class, that would depend on whether or not there is a member called length. If it's just an array of ints or something
    PHP Code:
    sizeof Array / sizeof *Array 
    might work better.

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    thanks, also i do check the code but sometimes i have noticed that you can get the code to work but it might not be the proper way to write it. so what i am trying to do is make sure that i am writing it properly to make it work.

    thanks again

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