Thread: Best C/C++ reference

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    Best C/C++ reference

    What is the best reference out there for C++ and hopefully it also covers C. is ok, but are there any references out there that tell the BigO running time notation for all the library functions? It would be nice to see the Best, Worst, and Average run times for all the STL search functions, and class member functions.
    Basicly what reference do you like to use?

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    The SGI reference is good for STL stuff, and gives info on the complexities. Also, the C++ standard gives some guidelines about the required complexity for the STL algorithms.

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    I don't know your definition of reference; mine is an alphabetical listing in which I can look up whatever is puzzling me today. And I like the answers to be complete, not shallow. Of course, I've never found one of those.

    I know only one alphabetized book, "C++ Master Reference by Clayton Walnum, with 1500 pages of mostly fluff.

    The Soustroup books, C++ Programming Language look thorough but are not alphabetical, so take your pick.

    I'll be helping you watch for recommendations.

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