Thread: Two IDEs on same comp?

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    Two IDEs on same comp?

    Hi all, quick question for you. Will I encounter any problems if I install Dev C++ in addition to MSVC++? I don't care about file associations--I can right click, just wondering if there's anything major I should know about. I miss Dev as it's a lot quicker for doing simple excercises like the ones in my Accelerated C++. Thanks for all the great help you provide here.

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    I've got those and several others: no issues (other than associations).

    [edit]Well, configuring the linter or such for the various platforms becomes a pain, but each IDE has no problem if another one happens to exist as well.
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    Thanks, time to download Dev again!

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    I like msvc ide a lot better than dev-c++ and others mainly because of the superior debugger. Debugging a program is easier, faster, and you don't have to put print statements all over the place. you can step through the program one program statement at a time and see the affects it has on local or global variable -- or the ide will disassemble the program so that you can step through it one assembly instruction at a time and see the results of the various registers. It almost makes debugging a pleasure.

    I have yet to figure out how to debug a program with Dev-C++, but then I haven't spent a lot of time with it either.

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