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    Unhappy !!!PopupMenu!!!

    I am programming in Borland C++ Enterprise 5. I need a popummenu to be shown when i click a picture. But i want it to be shown at a certain place, not by the cursor. Please help.

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    The TrackPopupMenu function displays a shortcut menu at the specified location and tracks the selection of items on the menu. The shortcut menu can appear anywhere on the screen.

    BOOL TrackPopupMenu(
    HMENU hMenu, // handle to shortcut menu
    UINT uFlags, // screen-position and mouse-button flags
    int x, // horizontal position, in screen coordinates
    int y, // vertical position, in screen coordinates
    int nReserved, // reserved, must be zero
    HWND hWnd, // handle to owner window
    CONST RECT *prcRect // ignored
    From MSDN

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