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    Regarding Careers

    Hi everyone:

    I am a 17-year old male and I just finished my first semester in college, the major being Computer Engineering. However, my mind is still not made up about what I want to do for a living. I have three options in mind: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Dentistry. I know, dentistry is a totally different major. I have a few questions. A lot - and I do mean a lot- of people are currently studying to be programmers and computer engineers in the future, won't this affect the job openings in the future or by the time I graduate, also do these jobs offer -especially engineering- offer security, flexibility, and have a good pay? I'm really confused

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    Go with dentistry.......they make a fortune and retire before thier hair goes grey........

    P.S. This would be better suited in the General Discussions board

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    Thank you, I'll post it there

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