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    pointing to a adress

    k u know how if u cout a pointer it tells u the adress in memmory of it so like edf4hg example but what if u wanted to point.

    Umm if there is an easier way mabie to acces an adress so like if an adress had a value to it and i knew the adress how would i acess it thanks this is so confusing lol

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    My eyes! Rewrite that in something approaching english and someone might reply.

    - 'u' is a character; "you" is the second person pronoun.
    - using punctuation is neither illegal nor immoral.
    - "address" has 2 d's

    As for your question, I suspect you want the dereference operator (*).

    ul find it alot ez-er 2 srch 4 things if u know how 2 write dem.
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    Well said ChaosEngine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosEngine
    ul find it alot ez-er 2 srch 4 things if u know how 2 write dem.
    The hell you using a period for?
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