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    I use Visual C++. Is there a string class in STL so that i can use it for data type identifier for example like "string my_variable;". And one more question: How is it possible to convert a string value to double or float? can any one show me the simplest pseudocode?


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    The STL string is in the header file "string" so just:

    #include <string>
    Look up stringstreams for converting strings to X data type.

    EDIT: Don't forget string is in the std namespace.
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    The simplest pseudocode might be:

    std::istringstream istr(myStringVar);
    istr >> myDoubleVar;

    Although you might want to add error checking. You can also use atoi or atof if you don't care about error checking: myDoubleVar = std::atof(myStringVar.c_str());

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    what are delimiters and tokeniser???

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    A delimeter is a character that marks the end (or beginning) of a piece of data. If we had the string:

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

    and we read to the delimeter 'x', we would have

    "The quick brown fo"

    A token is essentially the data that exists between the delimeters. A tokenizer is an algorithm that parses a string into tokens. If we were to use a tokenizer on the string:


    with the delimeters being '-' and "=", then we would get the resulting tokens, "2x","12", and "48".
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    I am satisfied with the explanation. Thank you.

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