Thread: (Error message) Fatal: Unable to open file 'C.OBJ'

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    (Error message) Fatal: Unable to open file 'C.OBJ'


    I'm beginning to learn C++. I downloaded Borland 5.5 on my laptop that is running XP Home. I'm getting the following error message:

    Fatal: Unable to open file 'C.OBJ'

    What does this mean? Please help.



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    well to start with I'd ditch borland 5.5. It's not a very good compiler and there are better alternatives available (the free msvc 2005 for a start)
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    C.OBJ is the object file that is created with a program. Like chaosEngine said, Borland 5.5 is pretty dated now. There is Borland 6.0, but I would still go with MSVC++ 2005 or even is still efficient. Avoid 6.0 as it is very dated. Another alternative, and takes less download time is DevC++, you can get it form the website and it is also free of charge. But make sure you get the latest version which is 4.992. Good luck

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