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    soda machine program

    Hello everyone!

    I have been learning about classes and this is my first program using classes.
    I would like to know how bad I did.

    I am interested in opinions.

    Also I have a constant global there and I am not sure this is a good way to declare this variable.

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    The only thing I saw was in sodaMachine::sodaSelection(). Why do you use that array when a single int would do.
    int code;
    //do your choices here
    //finish up
    Oh and the same function your thank you message should be outside of the loop not in it.
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    Hey man this part of the code is wrong ...
    i and j have out of boundary values after the for loop...
    you ask the user to give softDrinkCode[3][2] which is a logic mistake..

      cout << "please enter code:  "; cin >> softDrinkCode[i][j];
    so you should get i and j separately from the user or you could do what prog-bman said ...

    and next time try to find your mistakes in the program by testing it thoroughly yourself

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    definately some good advice friends. I used a two dimensional array so I could use codes like a1, or b2 etc.. but I did not get it figured out yet.

    I also noticed that my thank you not was outside the loop. oops! that was a mistake I should have found.

    Also, I am not quite used to two dimensional arrays and such but with input from others and practice I will get better.

    Thanks for the tip on separating i and j.

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