Thread: Mega String Manipulation

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    Mega String Manipulation

    How would I be able to manipulate a string so that

    1. I can change character x to another character

    2. I can add a certain character in between two characters

    3. I can change all the characters of a certain type to another character

    Code would be useful please...



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    Or even easier...

    How do I assign the contents of a string to a character array which has the same length as the string.

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    Out of scope

    Look at the functions in there. They should answer your first few questions.
    std::string str1 = "Hello World!";
    char str2[str1.size() + 1]; 
    strcpy(str2, str1.c_str());
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    Well I worked out an easier way to do most of it with an array...but I could only get my array = to the string with extra strange characters on the end.

    Will try your code...

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    It works

    thank you

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    1. Make sure that string is not const and call the assignment operator after you index the character. C-strings are easy, just use memset().
    PHP Code:
    std::string brand("Jello Kitty");
    brand[0] = 'H';   // "Hello Kitty"
    char cstrbrand[13] = brand.c_str();
    memset(cstrbrand'J'1);   // "Jello Kitty" again 
    2. Use insert() on the string object.

    3. I'm not sure I understand, but I suppose you could just use the replace function if you know where to start. If not you have to find() it first.
    PHP Code:
    std::string msg("My name is George W. Bush and I approve this message!");
    Crap, a bit slow huh? At least the code is pretty.
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