Thread: printing with a c programm

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    printing with a c programm

    i've more questions =)

    how can i print something with a c programm?

    i mean when you start the programm the printer prints a text
    at this question too, there are no useable exambles in forum i think
    i mean im not to laizy to use the search function ; )

    thanks for help

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    How about being more specific about
    a) what OS/Compiler you're using
    b) what type of program you're trying to write (console or GUI)
    c) maybe even what sort of printer you have, traditional, USB, network?

    Also, what have you actually tried as a result of your searches, and what results did you get?
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    i use visualstudio 2005
    console application

    and at first for a usb printer
    i mean a usb printer is more important than the ltp1 one

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    >>i mean a usb printer is more important than the ltp1 one

    Not true -- the only difference is speed, usb is faster than lpt1, but more complicated too. You can't just open a FILE handle to a usb port like you can LPT1. there are printer functions in that can be used from console programs -- just have to use win32 api functions, such as .OpenPrinter

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