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    enum question

    //Please consider the following

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;
    typedef unsigned short USHORT;
    /* would ERR_CODE be kind of a type that tells the ERR_CODE Factor function the values that it can return? In turn telling the function that it can return the "type" of ERR_CODE which are either the value of SUCCESS which is zero or the value of ERROR which is one*/


    int main()
    USHORT number, squared, cubed;
    ERR_CODE result;

    cout << "Enter a number (0 - 20): ";
    cin >> number;

    result = Factor(number, squared, cubed);

    if (result == SUCCESS)
    cout << "number: " << number << "\n";
    cout << "square: " << squared << "\n";
    cout << "cubed: " << cubed << "\n";
    cout << "Error encountered!!\n";
    int x; cin>>x;
    return 0;

    ERR_CODE Factor(USHORT n, USHORT &rSquared, USHORT &rCubed)
    if (n > 20)
    return ERROR; // simple error code
    rSquared = n*n;
    rCubed = n*n*n;
    return SUCCESS;
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    Yes, Factor function should return ERROR or SUCCESS.

    At the end of your code where you do
    int x; cin >> x;
    You could also do
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