Thread: Returning an Array of Pointers to Objects

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    Returning an Array of Pointers to Objects

    Haven't seen very many clear examples around but I was wondering what would be the correct syntax to return and catch an array of pointers to objects?

    For this particular program I am parsing a string into an array of object tokens, and using that array in another class. Stabbing in the dark gets me a compil error, so I was wondering if anyone has any help on the matter?

    My current function prototype for returning the array of pointers is:
    ObjectName* [] function( string something);
    My return line for the function is:
    return ( array);
    Where array is an array of pointers to objects

    And the function prototype for the function which uses that array:
    double function( Object* array[])
    The gist of the compile error is I either have an extra bracket/s or are missing some, somewhere Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can't return an array.
    double function( Object* array[])
    When you pass an array as an arguement, it's a reference. Meaning anything you do to it will affect the array you passed to the function.
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    Hehe, I really do need sleep Thanks for the heads up!

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    There a couple of ways. One is with a pointer to a pointer to objects and use it as an array.

    PersonInfo** RetrieveArrayOfObjectsViaPtrToPtr(void);
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    	PersonInfo** x = RetrieveArrayOfObjectsViaPtrToPtr();
    	delete x[0];
    	delete x[1];
    	return 0;
    PersonInfo** RetrieveArrayOfObjectsViaPtrToPtr(void)
    	PersonInfo** arr = new PersonInfo*[2];
    	arr[0] = new PersonInfo("one");
    	arr[1] = new PersonInfo("two");
    	return arr;
    class PersonInfo has a Draw member method.
    Don't forget to delete the pointer to pointers!

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    Another option is to return a vector, which may be better because it handles memory management on its own and therefore won't have a memory leak like xeddiex's code has.

    Passing the vector by reference is more common than returning one from a function, but either way will work.

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