Thread: Easiest 'real' game to start with...

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    Easiest 'real' game to start with...

    What do you think the easiest 'real' game is to code? About how many lines of code also? And, as a computer is to system requirements, what, person is to skills needed, skills does a person need to do it. Like, ex.: you must know these things: pointers, functions, polymorphism, function overloading... blah blah. What skills must you have to do this game?

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    Text RPG at first I suppose. It's the easiest non-graphic game that can still be moderately fun. You should know structures, classes, and all about string manipulation, etc. Before you try "real" games (although a text rpg is a real game, it's not that amazing) you should learn all you can about the language... Even though I'd like to learn how to prog in DirectX/etc., first I'm gonna go through a couple C++ books and stuff

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    I think a slot machine game would be but that might be too simple for you. I made one and it took me relatively little time. You can move onto other casino games as well such as blackjack. That one isn't too bad to make either.

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    Make some simple games like Rock Paper Sissors, Even/Odds, BlackJack, Poker.
    If you want to learn graphics programming check out the tutorials on this site, and make some old acrade clones.
    Try making a Nibbles type game, a space invaders clone, any of those old computer games.

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    i think rock paper scissors is a good game to start with - this was one of my first - but i made it more challengine by developing the computer random selection and statistics that change as the player wins, loses or draws. If you want to have a look at the source code just ask and ill post it.
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    About a week ago I bought a book on DirectX and had no experience in game programming, yet today I have successfully made my first game in DirectX (a fighting game where you can select your players and fight with them untill there is a winner of 2 rounds) with not very much trouble at all. All you have to do is put the time and effort into it and it doesn't matter what type of game you start trying to code first .

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    Ever played a poker machine?

    This is a game that you can use to learn basic 2d graphic techniques. You can use just win32 api. It is not necessary to use opengl or directx.

    You start with 100 credits.
    You can bet up to 10 credits
    If you bet 4 credits or less a normal deck of cards is used. If you bet 5 or more credits a deck of cards with 2 jokers (wildcards) is used.
    5 cards are dealt from the appropriate pack.
    player can hold as many of those cards as he wants and the unheld cards are replaced by new cards from the deck.
    The hand is then evaluated.......

    under a pair of jacks ..... LOSE
    pair ( jacks or higher) ...... STAKE BACK
    2 pair........ STAKE*2 BACK
    3 of a kind ...... STAKE*3 BACK
    straight ( run of 5 cards in different suit.... Ace can be 1 or 11) .... STAKE*5 BACK
    flush ( 5 cards the same suit) ...... STAKE*7 BACK
    Full house ( 3 of a kind + 1 pair) ...... STAKE*12 BACK
    4 of a kind ...... STAKE * 25 BACK
    Straight Flush (run in same suit) ....... STAKE * 100 BACK

    game ends when player has no credits left.

    This will teach you some basic bitmap manipulation and yet not be too challenging.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Originally posted by face_master
    About a week ago I bought a book on DirectX and had no experience in game programming, yet today I have successfully made my first game in DirectX
    Sounds too amazing...
    What book was that?
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    There is something more complicated. But it's good to practise object orientated programming, dynamic memory and algorhitmization in general. Make a text adventure with scripting. Scripting means that you have a file which describes the game. You create your 'own' simple scripting language. The game reads the file and let user play it. The file should describe everything. Story, items, dialogues, etc. This way you can create more games on the same "engine" just by writing a new scripting file.
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    im with morbuz

    can you really create a graphical game using directX in a week?
    if so, what is this book?
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