Thread: setiosflags dont work

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    setiosflags dont work

    seriously whats the deal... my output is behaving all screwy.

        cout << "insert: :" << entry.key  << ":"
             << setiosflags(ios::right) << setw( 4) << entry.number << ":"
             << setiosflags(ios::left ) << setw(24) << entry.descript << ":\n";
        cout << resetiosflags(ios::left);
    //outputting like this
    insert: :KT5:  14:          executive desk:
    //should look like this
    insert: :KT5:  14:executive desk          :
    the setiosflags(ios::left) isnt doing a thing! sorry if i sound rude. by the time i ask a question here im so frustrated i cant think stright.
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    Because the ios::right flag is still set.

    Use resetiosflags with ios::right before you set ios::left, or use unsetf with ios::right
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    ugh, im willing to bet i tried every other combination but the reset and then set left. i figured if you used the rest flags function it would just align it back to the defaults. i guessed wrong.

    thank you for the help and your patience jawib.

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