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    Windows Programming

    How good of a programmer do u need to be able to create windows programs? I am pretty good but need to know what I really need to know to move into windows programming. This should be put into the FAQ because I bet alot of people are asking themselves this same question.

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    Well it really depends on who you are asking.

    Personally, I learned DOS before I went on to Windows, and I think it helped me a lot. If you are looking at doing graphics programming in Windows, make sure to first gain a knowledge of 13h in DOS.

    However, some people have started out with Windows without ever doing DOS, and they also do fine. However, I have met several people who do graphics, but dont have a clue on whats really going on under the hood because they never took the time to do 13h. Several of them are regulars on this board (i wont state names). It is good to do 13h and see whats going on under the hood before you do Windows graphics (IF you are doing graphics).

    So it really depends. You can probably start out with Windows. Just dont let it confuse you. At first, the Windows API can be pretty confusing.
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    I learned basicly everything up to some of the most advanced stuff you can do in console mode before I attempted anything else and I think I made the right decision becuase if you try to learn a whole lot of stuff that is really advanced and you have no idea what its going on about, learning it will seem much harder than it really is.

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    Hmm...All you really need to know is a lot of classes, pointers and references, and object oriented programming. I started right after I learned C++, which was like 6 months before.
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