Thread: Why core dump??

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    Why core dump??

    I cant figure out why I continue to get a core dump with this function. I'm trying to print out the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13

    _num, field_size, and num_per_line are all equal to 6 when I call the function

    void Vect::tellsome( ostream & out, int field_size, int num_per_line)
      for(int i = 0; i < _num; ++i)
        if((i % num_per_line) == 0)
          out << endl;
        out << setw(field_size) << _data[i];

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    > I cant figure out why I continue to get a core dump with this function
    Probably because the problem is really somewhere else, and here is just where you get to notice that there is a problem.
    We really need the whole program (or a complete sub-program which also crashes) to comment in any meaningful way.

    Except to say that you need to check every pointer, and every new call in your code.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
    If at first you don't succeed, try writing your phone number on the exam paper.

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