Thread: create menu with do while loop advice pls

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    create menu with do while loop advice pls


    i have a problem. I'm trying to produce a menu which will do 3 things.

    1. Add book
    2. delete book
    3. list book

    now the teacher has given me this and i have to produce this menu using a do while loop and have to use the following methods.

    basically i am thinking about using CASE to do this but how do i implement it with a do while loop?

    I'm not asking anyone to do my homework, but need some advice on how to implement a case with a do while loop or should i use something different?


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    You can just put the switch inside the do while loop block. Pretend you are displaying the menu only once, and then figure out how you would write the code for the switch. Then, place all that code inside a do while and fix the loop so that it shows the menu over and over.

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