Thread: How can I make software answer the phone?

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    How can I make my software answer the phone?

    Im currently planning on writing an application that will answer the phone when someone will call.

    I assume that I must use sockets for this project, but I really have no idea how this is done.

    Anyone knows and could guide me in the right direction?

    P.S: I cannot use the WIN32 API, since the project will work on a linux machine.

    Thanks all for your help,
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    You would typically want to do this with a modem for actual phone line calls. In fact, there isn't any other way to do it (and I'm not entirely sure it can be done with a modem, but I think so). Sockets have nothing to do with it; that's for an actual internet connection.

    To do this in linux, you'll probably have to write a kernel module, or perhaps you can find an existing one on Google. You have to interface ALSA/OSS and stuff as well. It gets quite complicated here, so if you're aren't very experienced, then I wouldn't suggest trying to do this. Nonetheless, if you decide to try, good luck.

    Sorry, but I can't really offer any more help than to point you in the general direction.
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