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    Question Please Some Advice?

    Hey guys If I want to just read the last line of a txt file and display it how could I do that?

    for example if I want to read the whole file with this info but I need to cout just the last line ?

    "N2014776582","M0210400060667804600_3","","0","03/07/06 14:41:51","03/07/06 14:51:46","M0210400060667804600","00001","CS-FNOL","LIAB","00000","005","00742","S","SUCCESS"
    "N2014776582","M0210401060607750200","FNOL.ATTACH.","0","03/01/06 14:32:29","03/01/06 14:36:59","M0210401060607750200","00001","CS-FNOL","NONFORM","00000","000","00002","1001","Non-Recognizable Form"

    I would appreciate some suggestions thank you

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    by the way the file is going to change once in a while so how could I create a loop that will run until the last line and display it ?

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    Maybe something along this line.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    int main()
       std::ifstream file("file.txt");
       std::string line, last;
       while ( getline(file, line) )
          if ( line != "" )
             last = line;
       std::cout << "This is the last line of the file:\n"
                 << last << '\n';
       return 0;
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    thanks a lot

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