Thread: Getting the file name of a process Handle

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    Getting the file name of a process Handle

    Hi all,

    Im trying to use the GetModuleFileName for a running process (which has been opened with OpenProcess). The code below isnt my exact code but it does show what im trying to do.

    HANDLE myProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, TRUE, processInfo->th32ProcessID);
    char g[MAX_PATH];
    GetModuleFileName((HMODULE)myProcess, g, MAX_PATH);
    MessageBox(NULL, g, "this is the file name", MB_OK);
    The code just prints out junk value in the MessageBox which I assume is because Im trying to cast myProcess of type HANDLE to type HMODULE.

    Thanks for any help :-)

    Oh btw, the problem isnt with the OpenProcess method, that works fine.

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    Google GetModuleFileNameEx. It takes a HANDLE to hProcess as a first parameter, and HMODULE as a second parameter. I assume that you can pass NULL for hModule and get what you want.
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    As another option, this msdn example uses Module32First
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