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    timeout for handshake

    im writing some simple networking software, the first version is just serial and parallell support. i open the host port and open the guest port. After 3 seconds (allow time for port to init) the guest states its network name and id and encryption set. The other machine then basically sends an ack back. But i want some sort of timeout loop where if after x seconds the data is not sent the host can request it. But i also need to continually poll the port to check for data, how can i set up a simple timing loop?
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    #include <time.h>
    time_t startT = time(NULL);
    bool gotData = false;
        //wait for sender to send data
        //send ack if needed
       if( the data was recieved)
          gotData = true;
    }while( (!gotData) && (time(NULL) - startT ) < 10000 ); //this will wait 10 secs, but exit the loop if the data was already recieved
    if( ! gotData )
       //send request;
       //you got the data!!!
    time_t time( time_t * t ) returns the time in milliseconds.
    1000 milliseconds = 1 second
    You can pass it a pointer to a time_t data type and it will store the current time there, as well as returning it

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