Thread: simple question (cout << "two words")

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    simple question (cout << "two words")

    I'm just learning C++, so please dont tell me I'm stupid. I know I'm stupid, but anyway.

    I'm writing a simple password program, using nothing but a while loop, cin and cout. It works fine, except when i try to enter two words as the password.
    example(program output is in bold, i think):

    Enter password:
    Password accepted.

    but when i run it and enter two words, it echos Enter password twice:
    Enter Password:
    foo bar
    Enter password:
    Enter Password:

    any help would be appreciated. I'm using Dev-C++ on windows 98, if it matters. Thanks in advance.


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    When using "cin >>" it will only read up to the first space.
    You want to use cin.getline
    char input[255];
    That will get either 254 chars, or a full line, whatever comes first. When getting the whole line, it will drop the \n and append a null character to the end of the string, input in this case

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    Another way using C++ strings is:

    #include <string>
    string input;

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    If you use the string class you CAN'T call the cin member function getline(), you must call the getline helper function from string.h

    string input;

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