Thread: Question with rand()

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    Question with rand()

    hey guys, im still working on that little turn based game and im trying to add random damage to it. but i think im using rand() wrong.

    this is how i am calling it...

    i have this function built to take arguements for the random number

    int randomNum(int x,int y)
        int random = rand();
        int number = (random % y)+x;
        return number;
    and then when i call to it i use
    int damage = randomNum(20,40);
    in that spot im trying to get a random number between 20-40. but when i run my program i know i am getting a number higher than 40 i must be using rand() wrong. any help would be awesome! Thanks

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    First, you should only call srand() once, at the beginning of your program, not every time you need a random number. Your actual problem is where you put x and y in that code. Follow the calculations by hand and you will see where you went wrong.

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    int random = rand() % rangenumber (+startnumber);

    rand() % 20 +20;
    will give 20-40

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    I really think you should leave out the parentheses around startnumber, Ideswa.
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        int number = (random % (y - x))+x;
    Think a bit and you'll understand why.
    #include <stdio.h>
    void J(char*a){int f,i=0,c='1';for(;a[i]!='0';++i)if(i==81){
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    ='0';e:;}}int main(int c,char**v){int t=0;if(c>1){for(;v[1][
    t];++t);if(t==81){J(v[1]);return 0;}}puts("sudoku [0-9]{81}");return 1;}

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    thanks guys, I was looking over the tutorial on this site for it and it gave the example
    random = (rand() % (max - min + 1) + min)
    and im getting all that except why we add +1. my math is not so hot, you guys know why thats needed? or is it?

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    Stick some values in there instead and you will see why.

    Say we want to generate random numbers betwean 5 and 10:
    random = (rand() % (10-5) + 5)
    random = (rand() % (10-5+1) + 5)

    First one will become this:
    random = (rand() % 5 + 5)
    which will generate numbers betwean (0 to 4) + 5 or 5 to 9
    but we didnt want 5 to 9, we wanted 5 to 10 so...
    random = (rand() % 6 + 5)
    which will generate numbers betwean (0 to 5) + 5 or 5 to 10....YAY!
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    Ah I see whats going on now, Thanks alot!

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