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    If your program is in English or some of the other western languages then you may not need any conversion functions at all -- just copy using a simple loop
    wchar_t  tbuf[50];
    char str[] = "Hello World";
    for(int i = 0; str[i]; i++;
      tbuf[i] = str[i];
    tbuf[i]  0;

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    Hey sorry i'm really rubish at this i still cannot get this to work what ever i try - Maybe becuse i'm usless and still a berginner at c++. but anyway i made a new project and just did a simple bit of code thats sets the wallpaper no error handle's or anything just simple stuff.

    int ChangeWallpaper (char* FilePath) {
    ////////// Variables ////////// 
    HRESULT hr;
    ////////// //////// ////////// 
    CoInitialize(0); // Initialize COM
    IActiveDesktop *pActiveDesktop; // Set IActiveDesktop Type
    hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ActiveDesktop, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, // Load IActiveDesktop
    						 IID_IActiveDesktop, (void**)&pActiveDesktop);
    pActiveDesktop -> SetWallpaper (FilePath,0);   // Set the Wallpaper ||| Problem is here!
    pActiveDesktop -> ApplyChanges (AD_APPLY_ALL); // ApplyChanges
    pActiveDesktop->Release(); // Unload IActiveDesktop
    CoUninitialize (); // Uninitialize COM
    return 1;
    Yep as you see i have not converted the FilePath this is because every thing i try i still get that same type of error so if possable ( i know you have done ton and tons and well tons for me and thanks ) could somone tell me exactly how to change FilePath into a LPCWSTR. basicly i dont think i'm going to be able to figure out the conversion into a LPCWSTR with out being shown. oh yeh btw erm really i want this to subport multi languages so i dont think that loop thing would work but thanks.
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    edit opps posted it twice

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    WCHAR FilePathW[MAX_PATH];
    MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, FilePath, -1, FilePathW, MAX_PATH);
    pActiveDesktop->SetWallpaper(FilePathW, 0);

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    You made another mistake

    LPCWSTR FilePath[77];
    is like saying
    wchar_t *FilePath[77];

    you declare an array of 77 wchar_t pointers.

    so FilePath = L"......" doesn't work.

    you just need LPCWSTR FilePath = L"......";

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