Last year I took a class that included topics such as C++.
My school was using the CMU Graphics Library and Visual C++ 6.

Now it's the next year, and I've brought home the source for everything I worked on. But only the source.

My school switched to the free Dev C++ while I was there, but I didn't try compiling my graphics program in Dev C++.

Now I'm at home, trying to get it to compile.

I don't have Visual C++, so for Windows programs (such as this one) I'm using Dev C++.

So I followed the instructions for using the CMU lib with Dev C++ at home, and it still can't build it.

I set it all up the way the instructions say, but whenever I try to build it I always get the same errors:

Under the compiler tab:
5 easy_circles2.cpp C:\PROGRA~1\DEV-C_~1\INCLUDE\libcmugraphics.a:4: unterminated string or character constant
4 c:\progra~1\dev-c_~1\include\libcmugraphics.a
possible real start of unterminated constant

Linker tab:
g++: easy_circles2.o: No such file or directory
g++: file path prefix `C:\PROGRA~1\DEV-C_~1\BIN\' never used

I'm using the GCC version of the CMU Graphics Library.

I know my C++ source works, I'm just trying to get it to compile using the CMU lib.

If you can help, I would much appreciate it.