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    Standard Template Library

    Hey can you guys direct me to a good STL tutorial website? Google search sucks.

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    You mean like this first hit from google just searching "stl"

    "good STL tutorial website?"
    No idea - you don't list the ones you consider to be bad, so how can we list ones which you might think are "good".
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    #include <stdio.h>
    void J(char*a){int f,i=0,c='1';for(;a[i]!='0';++i)if(i==81){
    /3*3+f/3*9+f%3]==c||a[i%9+f*9]==c||a[i-i%9+f]==c)goto e;a[i]=c;J(a);a[i]
    ='0';e:;}}int main(int c,char**v){int t=0;if(c>1){for(;v[1][
    t];++t);if(t==81){J(v[1]);return 0;}}puts("sudoku [0-9]{81}");return 1;}

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