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    Convert int to char


    How can I convert an integer to it's associated character?
    For instance the value "27" stands for the "ESC-Key", "97" stand for "a" and so on.

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    Chars are just small integers, so
    ch = 'a';
    ch = 97; // assuming ASCII
    are the same thing.
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    ok. but I am not completely sure how to use it.

    I want to do a sort of key-mapping. Therefore on the one hand I get the key as a const char* which I want to convert to the associated ASCII number.
    But I also want to do this in the other direction so that I get a char* representation of the ASCII code.

    [EDIT]: I got it .

    Another question: how can I convert a char* to a ASCII code?
    (e.g. "a" => 97).
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    Thank you. I finally got all working.

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