Thread: Program closes prematurely. Help needed

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    Program closes prematurely. Help needed

    I'm a beginner in C++, so this might be considered an elementary problem, but bare with me. The program is just supposed to create a class that's used to compute the volume of a cube. It asks for the three dimensions, but then closes. Here's the code....

    using namespace std;
    class Volume {
                 int x, y, z;
              void set_dimensions(){
                   int a, b, c;
                   cout << "Enter the length: ";
                   cin >> a;
                   cout << endl << "Enter the width: ";
                   cin >> b;
                   cout << endl << "Enter the height: ";
                   cin >> c;
                   cout << endl;
                                    x = a;
                                    y = b;
                                    z = c; }
              int volume() {return (x*y*z); }
          int main(){
              Volume cube1;
              cout << "The volume of the cube is: " << cube1.volume();
              return 0;
    Thanks for the help.

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    try add a cin.ignore() right before cin.get()
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    Those FAQs don't help much in this case.

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