Thread: Need help with fstream

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    Need help with fstream

    Hi, having trouble getting this to work with a .raw file...
    When the texture is mapped it displays the image all in black.
    Can someone please give me a hint as to what im doing wrong?

    This is the image reading function:

    //some previous declarations:
    //typedef 	GLubyte pixel;
    //pixel image[MAXROW][MAXCOL][3];
    //int charin;
    //int r,c;
    //ifstream in;
    void InputImage(void)
    	printf("Enter the name of the input file: ");
    	if(  /* open failed */
             puts("*** Can't open input file - please check file name typed!\n ");
             charin = getchar();
      	for ( r = 0;  r < MAXROW; r++ )
          	       for ( c = 0;  c < MAXCOL; c++)  {
    			if(in.eof()) {
    			    printf("*** End of file reached!\n ");
    			    in.close();    /* close input file  */
    			    charin = getchar();
    			else {
    			    in >> charin;
    			    image[r][c][0] = image[r][c][1] = image[r][c][2] = charin;
    	in.close();    /* close input file  */
    	printf("\nImage input completed!\n");
     }	/* end InputImage */
    Any help would be great, thanks.

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    You need to read and write using the read and write functions in fstream since you are working with binary data. The operator>> does formatted input and skips over whitespace.

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