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    Table elements compare...

    Hey! I am happy i joined your great community

    I have a problem, and hope someone can help me.

    I have a table NxM dimension - A.

    I have to find in A dominate lines, otherwords - I have to find in A any line that has each element smaller than for ex the elements from [k] line.

    I mean Line [i] is dominated if there is line [k] and for any [j] we have A[i][j]<A[k][j]. When i find dominated lines- i have to delete them from A.

    for ex:

    1 | 1 5 6 7|
    2 | 2 1 9 0|
    3 | 8 3 1 4|
    4 | 7 1 0 2|

    here line [4] is smaller than line [3],
    line [4] is dominated , and i delete it.

    I need your help in composing an algorithm.
    Going to write it in C++.
    Hope that somebody will propose an algorithm.
    I became mad....can't compose...

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    Well a function to compare rows i and j of a given matrix would be a useful start.

    bool result = isDominant( A, i, j );

    A function which returns true or false, depending on the rule you've outlined.
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